First Conditional 1

  1. If you ____________________ (eat) an apple every day, you____________________ (be) very healthy.
  1. If we ____________________ (not protect) the elephant, it ____________________ (become) extinct.
  1. She ____________________ (not look) different unless she ____________________ (cut) her hair.
  1. If I ____________________ (not use) my English, I ____________________ (lose) my English.
  1. You____________________ (pay) higher insurance if you ____________________ (buy) a sports car.
  1. We____________________ and ____________________ (go / see) Max tomorrow if the weather ____________________ (be) nice.
  1. Suggestion : ____________________ we ____________________ (go) to the cinema if it ____________________ (rain) tomorrow?
  1. You ____________________ (see) better if you____________________ (turn on) the lamp.
  1. If we ____________________ (leave) early tomorrow morning, ____________________ we ____________________ (arrive) before 12.00?
  1. You ____________________ (not cure) your cancer if you ____________________ (continue) smoking.
  1. If you ____________________ (put) so much sugar in your coffee, you ____________________ (not lose) much weight.
  1. You ____________________ (pass) the exam if you ____________________ (study) a little more.
  1. Asking for a suggestion : If I ____________________ (find) some eggs in the shop, how many ____________________ I ___________________ (get)?

The Final Offer?

Ray: We’re not going to get a better offer than that. If you ____________________ (want) my advice, you ____________________ (accept) it.

Dave: I’m not so sure. If we ____________________ (wait) a few more days, I think we ____________________ (receive) other offers.

Ray: Perhaps you are right. If you ____________________ (want) , I ____________________ (tell) Jagger that we need time to think it over. He’ll be a bit impatient but I’m sure that if I ____________________ (talk) to him sweetly enough he ____________________ (hold on) and not look elsewhere. If things ____________________ (look) a bit dicey, I ____________________ (speak) to you.

Dave: So, if I ____________________ (not hear) from you, I ____________________ (assume) everything is fine.

Ray: Yep. I ____________________ (call / only) you if there ____________________ (be) a problem.

Dave: So unless I ____________________ (hear) from you, I ____________________ (have) no need to worry.


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