Present Simple or Present Continuous?

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

  1. She _________________ (play) golf with her husband at the moment.
  1. He _____________________________ (enjoy) eating pizza.
  1. I ___________________________ (not eat) lunch today.
  1. Be quiet! The children __________________________ (sleep).
  1. Certain birds always ________________________ (fly) to warm countries in the winter.
  1. We never__________________________ (go) on holiday at Christmas.
  1. Don’t forget to take your umbrella. It ______________________ (rain).
  1. I can’t come to the cinema tonight, I ________________ (have) dinner with my in-laws.
  1. Why ____________________ she never ____________________ (do) the washing-up?

Passive Voice

Complete the passive sentences.

  1. A lot of people in Canada play ice hockey.

A lot of ice hockey _____________________________ in Canada.

  1. They keep the results on a computer.

The results ______________________________ on a computer.

  1. Her mother is helping her to do her homework.

She _________________________________by her mother.

  1. Her name is Maggie

She ____________________________ Maggie.

  1. My father-in-law is painting my house.

My house ____________________________ by my father-in-law.


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