Comparative Adjectives and Adverbs 1

  1. The moon has ____________________ (little) gravity than the Earth.


  1. I agree that Trieste is beautiful , but Venice is even ____________________ (beautiful).


  1. My friend thinks that this book is ____________________ (interesting) that one.


  1. Samantha is just as ____________________(funny) David.


  1. The Suez Canal is ____________________ (long) the Panama Canal.


  1. Diana was much ____________________ (intelligent) Jack.


  1. I have read ____________________ (much) today than I did yesterday.


  1. Dolphins often look __________________ (happy) they really are.


  1. Paris is big but London is ____________________ (big) .


  1. Olive oil is ____________________ (healthy) butter.


  1. Gold is _____________________ (rare) than silver.


  1. Maja eats ____________________ (slowly) than I do.


  1. I’m not short. I’m just____________________(tall) as Hans.


  1. The Atlantic Ocean isn’t ______________________ (big) as the Pacific Ocean.


  1. Mike’s cooking is bad, but Adam’s is ____________________ (bad) .


  1. I study ____________________ (hard) now than when I was a child.


  1. Edinburgh is a long way away but New York is even ____________________ (far) .



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