Finžgar’s 14th and 15th sessions

Again I’m behind with my updates. It’s quite a regular occurrence!

  • In the fifth class we have been focusing on present simple’s third person singular, this is something they have done at school already and we are simply ingraining it a little deeper into their minds. We have also begun a short winter unit, finished reading our second magazine, and finally finished watching our first English film. 🙂
  • In the forth class we have have finished the  sports unit and began the winter one. We too have finished reading our second magazine. The forth class has almost finished their current activity book and they are eager to begin the Harry Potter units.
  • The third and second class have been learning about fruit and winter they have been making and reading ‘mini-books’ with enthusiasm. I have, however, had to take to them about their behaviour, at times the class feels like a ‘chimpanzee’s tea party’. I really need to find ways to channel their Friday afternoon energy!

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  1. Many thanks for the information, today I have finally found some time to read it!
    I want you to know that I’m very glad of my son’s precious opportunity to experiment with an English “full immersion” hour, to communicate in this language, to listen to it weekly and to also have also some fun from doing it.
    So, take it easy and go on with your lessons!
    bye bye

    • Thanks Veronika, I really do enjoy teaching them all. Your son is great, he really makes an effort. 🙂

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