F.S. Finžgar Scuola Elementare 2009-2010

The new school year will soon be with us and my mind is turning to how I can make our school English Club more effective. Providing there are enough children my idea is to split the club into three sessions; a joint session of the second and third classes, and two seperate sessions for the fourth and fifth. I prefer not to include the 1st class, these delightful young ones have enough to do!

In the 2nd and 3rd classes I wish to introduce English with games, songs, and simple worksheets.

In the fourth and fifth I really want them to dive a little deeper. I’d would love them to learn, comprehend and use the grammar structures of present simple, past simple and present continuous with it’s present and future applications. I’m currently searching for a book/course  and worksheets to aid this process.  Always remembering that we need fun and games too. 🙂

If you are a parent whose email address I don’t have please send it to me via this site.

Hope to see you all soon.


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  1. Well done bro. I’ll link your village in our school blog. Anyway, I agree with your proposal.



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