Finžgar: My vision of the Finžgar English language club

The Finžgar English language club, is going through a few initial challenges which need to be addressed. Such start up challenges are to be expected, and should in fact be welcomed as they help us define its purpose and procedure in greater detail.

Here is my vision, and it’s the job of the parents and teachers association to amend to suit the needs of the school.

Two groups of one hour on Friday afternoons, the first comprising of the fourth and fifth classes, the second comprising of the second and third. I would ideally like to suspend teaching the first year class, as their needs are different from what the English club is currently offering.

Space permitting, the club should be open to children, of the correct age, from outside the school. The club builds bridges between the English Language and the children, and it should likewise build bridges between children from one school and those of another. The only family who should not be permitted to attend is my own.

Ideally, I should not be involved in the transporting of children to or from their Friday afternoon music lessons. My responsibility should start and finish in the classroom. Time lost in the transportation seems relatively small, but between ten and fifteen percent of lesson time is lost in the procedure. Instead I would recommend a parent, perhaps on rotation, carried out the task.

The cost of the English club per child is ten euros per calender month, this should be collected via an elected member of the school, who would then forward it to the headquarters before finally being paid, after tax deductions, to me.

All students should be prepared to work with exercise books (or folders with paper) pens, pencils, scissors and glue.

Parents are always encouraged to visit the English club, to participate, to watch, or to evaluate.

This is my vision, please consider it in your following discussions.


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