The teaching method at F.S. Finžgar

  • The emphasis is be on listening and speaking the language.
  • English is used all the time, so that the children hear as much as possible. This gives them more opportunity to begin to understand the language, absorb its rhythm and to pick up some words without really trying.
  • The first aim is for the children to understand the language they are being taught.
  • Once they understand, the second aim is for them to produce the language.
  • Starting with simple vocabulary: just words, not sentences.
  • Going over things slowly, with much repetition, to give the children as much opportunity as possible to really learn; there’s no rush.
  • Gradually introducing sentences, when the children are ready, always making sure the children understand the language.
  • The lessons are fun! The most important thing is that the children enjoy the lessons; the children will not learn if are not enjoying the lessons.
  • Constructing a routine, so the children know what to expect and feel comfortable in the lessons.
  • Using body language, facial expressions and visual aids, so the children have a chance to understand even before they know the words.
  • Using games, to involve the children and make it fun.
  • Using songs, because through these, the children learn vocabulary, grammar and the rhythm of the language without trying.
  • Using stories, because the children love them and it gives them a real experience of the language.
  • Using short activities, to keep the children attentive.
  • Using active activities, to change the rhythm of the lesson, to keep them attentive, to stop them fidgeting.

Adapted from: Fun English for Kids, Fiona Copper


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